Thursday, November 29, 2012

Its Almost Time

We were walking about the grocery store shopping for Turkey Day and remarking about how annoying the Christmas music was.  Can't we have Thanksgiving without it being over run by Christmas?

A couple of days later, I was in the car and flipping through radio stations.  So many were playing Christmas music and again we were a little annoyed by it.  I'm not ready for Christmas music every where I go.

I think its funny that I've been annoyed by the Christmas music surrounding me when I've been practicing Christmas music for the choir concert in December.  I've been singing Christmas music since September!  What right do I have to be annoyed by Christmas music in stores in November?

We practiced on stage this last week and Boy, Do We Sound GOOD!  And we are having FUN with the songs.  This is such a wonderful group of people who get together to share their love of music and their talents.  I am still blown away by the talent in this group.  I definitely made a wonderful decision to join them.

Practicing on stage.
Can you find me?
I'm there!
We have one more practice then we do it For Real.  I can't wait to see the theater full of community members coming to enjoy our sounds.  ESM will be at one of the concerts so I'll get some good pictures and maybe even some sounds to share with you.


  1. you gonna shoot some video to share with us?

    christmas music is a little annoying when it is early...i was singing in class the other day while i had the students doing an assignment...haha...

  2. Yes, yes, yes! Post a sound bite. I love choirs and especially being in them. I'm soprano. Since elementary school, I have been singing in choirs. When I know I'll be around for the expected performance dates, I sign up for the Christmas and Easter choirs at church.
    ENJOY your Christmas music.

  3. The irony of your annoyance IS funny to me! Can't wait for the posts of the concerts!


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