Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crazi-Plunge aka Polar Bear Plunge

Less than a week until my Crazi-Plunge!  And while the weather today is warmer, the tempatures are supposed to drop for the weekend again.  It might be the coldest weather we've experienced in the 6 years of swimming in the Atlantic Ocean!  And the Ocean temp is just above freezing too!  Its going to be a great time!

Here's the commercial that's running on the local stations:

I didn't see me in the crowds but you never know!

There is still time to donate to my crazi-plunge.  Just go here!

And this time next week, I will post proof of my craziness!

Time to go and find my bathing suit and polar bear jammies!


  1. whew...um...kinda scary, cold...ha...i have plunged before but will admit right this second my teeth are chattering in the thinking of it...smiles.

  2. I don't even know what to say to you anymore. lol

  3. better you than me! i get cold THINKING about it! have fun!

  4. EEEK! You're a better woman/polar bear than me. I don't get wet until the water is at least 80 degrees.


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