Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Creative Side

I want to decorate my kitchen with a wine theme.  I've collected some things, a wine bottle here, a cork there.  Little things.  I love the kitchen in this house.  Its HUGE!  There is room for my dining table (with the leaf in) and an island.  It has a great layout, lots of counter and cabinet space.

About a month ago, we painted the walls and AZ talked me out of painting the cabinets because it would be a HUGE undertaking.  And once we scrubbed them, they didn't look too bad.  Ok.  I'll be lazy, this time.

The walls are bare though.  I really need to get my wine stuff up around the kitchen. But first I wanted something to spruce up the alcove where the sink sits.

The Kitchen Sink - Before

I am a short-stack (as Jakes has taken to calling me) and needed a stool to get up there and it was a little awkward sitting on and behind the sink.  yikes!

Kitchen Sink - After

Looks pretty good, right?  I'm pleased with it.  Its far from perfect because I am not a trained painter.

A close up

It can be painted over easily if we move out of the house.  I was teasing AZ that he has to take the wall down so I can take it with me.  He just laughed at me.  Maybe I was serious.........


  1. haha i like that...
    suggestive a bit eh? smiles
    i like those frames filled with stacked corks...

  2. I had a wine/French café theme in one of our first houses in the kitchen and dining area. It's easy to work with and add and subtract other things/ideas. Plus it never goes out of style :) even when you take it to your new place....

  3. GOTTA make it your own!!! Love the idea of the wine thing...I saw a cool cork board made exclusively of wine was awesome.


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