Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our Autism Center

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from the local Autism Center that they had unexpectedly lost their funding and were going to have to shut down most of their services.  Oh no!  That's included Jakes therapeutic riding at the Farm.  Double Oh NO!

After many phone calls with Ms. Jill, we decided that Jakes could still go to the farm and work with the horses and the instructors (which Jakes LOVES) but he wouldn't be able to get a true lesson.  Ok, we can deal with this.  At least he has the opportunity to be with the horses and his friends.

This is on the wall of the conference room of our Autism Center
Pieces made by kids and their families

Last night I stopped by the Open House at our Autism Center.  They had been donated a building, raised funds and worked day and night with volunteers to create office and therapy spaces for our Autistic kids.  They have vowed to continue to provide services as much as they possibly can.  Just last night, they had enough in donations to start services once again!  Its amazing that the community came together for this wonderful organization!

They will continue their fund raising activities and are looking for volunteers to help with that.  Since they have done some wonderful stuff for Jakes and I am a grant writer, I have volunteered my services.  I can't let this opportunity pass to give back to a place that has done wonderful things for me and so many others in Southern New Jersey.


The Autism Center is a non-profit organization and is always accepting donations!  Contact me via private message for more details!

ESM loved this one of the crab

Remember, 1 in 50 kids are diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum! 


  1. to love it when a community can come together like that...and i am glad he is getting the services he needs as well...

  2. My mom actually volunteers at a riding farm. She loves it.


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