Thursday, May 9, 2013

eReader vs. Kindle vs. iPad

I have an eReader.  Its one of the first ones to come out. It doesn't have wi-fi so if I want to add books to it, I have to hook it to my computer and download the eBooks to it that way.  When I got it, I chose this one because its PINK and also because it didn't have wi-fi.  I was afraid if I got a Kindle I would spend too much money.  I like the size and it can be read easily outside, especially on the beach.

Then I got an iPad which I LOVE!  There are so many cool apps for it and there is so much that you can do with it.  You can also read Kindle books on it.  I've fallen in love with FREE Kindle books!  There are SO many!  I've been downloading between 30-40 every day!They may not be some of the popular best selling authors but there are some great books out there.  But you can't read the iPad on the beach.

Since getting the iPad, I haven't used my eReader much.  But with beach days only days away, I need to figure out something to take to the beach with me.  With most of my books being Kindle Format, I've been kicking around getting a Kindle.  But I hate the thought of having yet another gadget hanging around the house. And I really don't have the money to spend on another gadget.

The other day I started playing around with my eReader. I had to upgrade the software but the new version of the software is a pain to use and the help files don't match the program.  I tried to delete books off the eReader but when I went to follow the directions provided, they didn't match up with the program.  Frustrating to say the least.

I guess I ultimately would like to find a website similar to the Kindle Store but for ePub books that work on my eReader.  Anyone know of such a website?

Now, of course if Amazon wants to send me a Kindle, I'll take it!  I'll even do a review on here on it!


  1. haha while they are at it they can send me one too...i have none of the above....though i would love a iPad...or a reader for that matter...i was resistant at first but think i am ready to make the jump...

  2. For the beach, I'd probably nix all the electronic versions and bring myself a paper book!


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