Thursday, June 20, 2013

Container Salsa

AZ and I kicked around putting in a garden. I even contacted the landlord to make sure he was ok with us turning up a portion of the ground.  But we never got our hands on a tiller in time to get things in the ground.  So, we are compromising and growing the important veggies on the back deck.  I love this deck, so versital for everything!

All the plants.
Tomatoes, peppers and lettuce

We have a pepper! Just a baby but its there!

My herb garden.
Basil, Mint, Parsely, Cilantro and Rosemary

If we had tilled up the garden, we would have planted so many more veggies but that can happen next year.  I hope.  We have two types of tomatoes, two types of peppers, a mix of lettuces and of course the herbs.  I want to add oregano to the herb garden, then we have everything to make spaghetti sauce too!

Come on babies!  Keep growing!


  1. tomatoes home grown....
    mmm fresh herbs too...

  2. Looks good! We don't get enough sun for anything to grow well, and I'd probably forget to take care of the plants anyway! (Makes you wonder how I've kept two kids and a dog alive all this time doesn't it?)

  3. Grow, grow, grow! You have the makings of a delicious garden there. If you do get stuff in ground next year, watch out for that mint -- it'll take over. It's eeeee-vil and bent on world domination, if my garden's any indicator.


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