Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Rant

When did I become responsible for giving up something that I love because it hurts you?  I have been reading the Wall Street Journal for a couple of weeks now and I've come across two articles that have really pi$$ed me off.

Because this is just "my rant" I am not going to cite any sources or any specifics.

The first article was about a restaurant called Bacon, Bacon in CA.  They had been granted permits and had been open for a while.  Then the permits were up for renewal and certain neighbors (they interviewed two for the article) complained about the smell of bacon.  First, who doesn't LOVE the smell of bacon? Second, why can't this business continue to operate as long as its operating within the guidelines and laws of the city?  Why is it that 2 people can control the fate of a business that is operating within the guidelines just because they don't like the smell of bacon in the neighborhood? 

Ok, suppose you get sick of the smell of bacon EVERY day, does that still give you the right to tell ME I can't cook bacon every day if I want?  No.  I have a right to cook that bacon every day if I want, provided I am not breaking any laws.  Right?

The second article is about changes to a law concerning the fire pits on the beach in Southern CA.  People have complained about the fact that bon fires have aggravated their allergies and so the law was changed to place restrictions on fires on the beaches.  These fires have been taking place for YEARS.  If you have moved there recently and have allergies, maybe you should be the one to move?

I have allergies to corn, you don't see me telling the farmers they can't plant corn because I'm allergic.  I just take my allergy medicine and avoid the corn stalks as much as possible.  Do I have to right to control what the farmers do?

I am frustrated with the level of control certain groups of people seem to think they have over other groups.  Isn't America a place where we live and let others live?  

What gives these people the right to control me as long as I am not violating any laws?

To Quote Dennis Miller: "Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong"

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  1. i am going to start boiling corn next to your house all day...hhaha...seriously...people are so entitled these days...if they want to open a bacon restaurant in my front yard i will let them....yum


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