Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Day at the Beach

ESM and I went to the beach last weekend and really enjoyed ourselves.  The traffic wasn't bad, just a little back up here and there.  Parking was EASY! And the weather was PRIME for sitting in the sun!

Lookit that BLUE sky!
The water was a little chilly. Not Polar Bear Cold but chilly
After lunch, people watching and relaxing we decided to let the ocean have the beach back.

After relaxing on the beach, we went into the town and wandered the streets there.  We relaxed and didn't worry about Gpop and Jakes at home.  They could take care of themselves!  Can't wait to do it again, ESM!


  1. well have succeeded in making me jealous...smiles...what a lovely day for the beach.....

  2. I haven't been near the beach this summer. lol

  3. You sure weren't kidding about those skies. Wow, those are gorgeous!


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