Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sunsets on the Chesapeake

The campground was right on the bay, about 10 miles from the Bay-Bridge Tunnel.  This lead to some beautiful sunsets on Thursday and Friday.  While they were setting up camp, I wandered around and shot some on Thursday.  On Friday, we were on the head boat searching for dolphins.  Both lead to some gorgeous shots!

On shore just over from the campsite

I wandered to the beach

From the head boat near the ships and dolphins

Does it get any more wonderful?

I love sunsets!


  1. oo love the shots over the shadow of grass....and that one off the back of the boat with the wake....very not much better at all...smiles.

  2. Hey Amy! First let me say, I love the Chesapeake. Secondly, you got some lovely shots of the sunsets. May fav is the one with the wild grasses in the foreground. I water mark my photos too, since I discovered people take them without asking, and pass them off as their own. Do you use photoshop to overlay your text? Are you aware that you can "dim down" the brightness of the text so that it doesn't detract from the photo's composition? Have a great weekend.


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