Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

I had a wonderful weekend with Jakes.  It was busy, as usual, but lots of good things happening.  Dinner together, Wii bowling with the Gparents, snuggles with a movie, time at the farm and a bike ride through a Rails to Trails at the Conowingo Dam.

The end of the trail

Rock climbing to get a better view
Checking the water temperature
Pretty view
I gave Jakes the camera when we got back to the car.  He's got talent but needs practice with the manual lens.  

Jakes kept taking pictures in the car, which is hard to keep steady and focused.
Gorgeous colors!
And this is what happens when you don't stick with your subject matter.
I think its SO neat though!  This one is my wallpaper now.
He loved trying to take pictures in the mirror.  Again, a different lens and a little practice and he'll have a masterpiece!
And the beautiful sunset on the way home.

The next time we go out exploring, Jakes and I will both have a camera for practice.  He's got a good eye for things!


  1. beautiful colors...and hiking looks nice too...i love following streams like that...they make beautiful music...smiles....

  2. I like the peek at the sunset ~ so pretty.
    Sorry I hadn't been by , for some reason if though I have followed you your blog post aren't popping up in my reader .
    I noticed when you left a comment (thank you) and I popped over I had missed two of your posts.


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