Friday, December 20, 2013

Looking Forward to the New Year

I am moving right after Christmas.  If all goes well, I will be ringing in the new year in my new place.  While I am resigned to moving, I am still scared and worried about how to make this work on my own again.  I know can do it, its just in my DNA to worry over things.

Its going to be just me and the dog, with Jakes on the weekends.

Things I am looking forward to:

Being able to sit in the living room and watch TV without having to listen to people snore.
Being able to walk from the bedroom to the bathroom in the middle of the night without having to fully dress
Being able to cook spicier food.
Being able to have green veggies in the house.
Being able to have fruits in the house.
Being able to sing and play my music whenever I want.
Being able to sleep through the night because stupid people won't be walking into the bedroom at 2:30 am for their fix.
Being able to have friends over without being embarrassed by someone passed out on the couch.
Coming home at lunchtime to see my puppy. (The new place is closer to work!)
Not having to pick up after everyone in the house, just me and the dog.
Not having to worry that someone will overdose during the night.
Not having to worry that someone will wreck their vehicle when they are driving under the influence.
Not have to worry that the gas stove is turned off when someone is done with it in the middle of the night.

There are so many reasons to be happy with this move. Just getting through the stress of the next couple of days is going to be hard.  I have made plans so that I won't have to spend much time at the house until its time for me to show up with a truck to cart my boxes out the front door.


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