Thursday, March 6, 2014

All Settled In

I think I'm all settled into the new place.  Everything is unpacked, pictures and curtains are hung.  I've had a dinner party!  Jakes comes over every weekend.

I LOVE it there.

This weekend I finally got a washer and dryer for the place.  This should be the last of what I NEEDED.  I still want to get a grill and patio table for outside.

They are HERE!!  So excited!

All in place and works great!

So if you hear of a good sale on a grill and patio table, let me know!


  1. sounds like you are coming along and getting settled...a grill is essential....esp with spring coming...after tonights snow storm...ha

  2. When we finally bought a new washer and dryer last spring (hello anniversary present lol) I was so excited. We'd always just used whatever machines were left by the people we bought the house from. I get totally geeked out when I do laundry :)

    It's 57 here today. I'll think spring thoughts for you!


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