Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vacation Plans This Summer

I have gotten to the middle of July and realized that I have 15 vacation days to use before Labor Day.  My company gives you new vacation days on your anniversary with the company.  I started in September 12 years ago.

I have 15 days to use or loose.  I refuse to loose them! So I am working every other week from now until Labor Day.  Every other week off!!  How cool is that?  Just when I'm sick of being at work, I can take the week off.  Just when I'm sick of being home, I get to go back to work.  I think I can like that schedule.

For the first vacation week, I am having lunch with a friend, cleaning my house, twisting my BFF's arm to take a day off and go to the beach with me.  Lots of reading and relaxing planned for that week.  Oh, and probably hanging at the farm with Jakes and the horses.

The next week I have off, I will be packing me, Jakes and Jaxon up and we're going with the parents for a week at the beach!  I can't wait!  More laying around and relaxing.  Then wandering the boards and people watching. No horse farm this week.

The final week I have off there are no plans for yet.  A day or two at the beach, reading and relaxing.  Jakes will be back in school so I won't be going to the farm that week for him.  I hope everyone has as much vacation time as I do!

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