Friday, August 22, 2014

Busy busy....

While we were waiting to go parasailing, we got to see the very busy Rt 50 bridge.  The week before we were there, it got stuck in the OPEN position.  This is a main road in and out of Ocean City leading to Salisbury and other cities.  I was told that people sat there for HOURS until they were able to get the bridge fixed.

All the boats would drift back to the bridge, most with fishing lines dragging behind them

It doesn't take a tall boat before they have to raise the bridge for passage.

But at least its not open for long.


  1. Neat to see it ~ I wouldn't want to wait forever to cross it though !

  2. Nice. Though I would hate waiting for hours!

  3. you have to wonder at times why they just did not raise the bridge a bit higher...ha...but then again i like drawbridges...


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