Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Going to the Beach

The Army Corp of Engineers had an idea that there needed to be beach in front of my parents house.  See it looked like this all my life...

Beach and rocks at low tide, water up to the bulkhead during high tide.  We always made due and  played on the beach, fished, and put the crab pots out at low tide. All was good.

Then the Army Corp moved in during December.  And things started looking like this:

They pumped sand in from across the river and made a very nice beach for us to lounge on.  

I didn't waste any time putting my toes in the sand.

Did you notice the REALLY big mountain of sand in the background of the first picture?  It just BEGS to be climbed, right?

So I did!  
Queen of the Hill!

More fun pictures of the beach to come with warmer weather.


  1. ha. you got a big sandbox as a gift! smiles.
    very cool....


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