Thursday, February 12, 2015

Garden Planning

Spring is coming, right?  I have to be thankful that we haven't been pummeled by the storms like New England.  Sorry, my New England friends - Chin Up - spring is coming.

Local stores are putting out their spring and summer supplies and it makes me want to get my garden started.  Or at least planned.

Last years stuff

Pallet gardening last year

So I have been making plans for what I want to plant this year.  I also have added to my Pots and am planning to plant some asparagus  in one of the new pots.  It will be some time before I get any crop from it but will be worth it in the long run.  And since they will be in the pot, if I move it will be easy to take them with me.

So, I'm drooling over seeds for beans, peas, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and peppers.  YUM!  OH!  Butternut Squash!  Maybe I'll do something different and start some onions in a pot as well.

I can't wait for spring and summer to come so I can have yummy veggies.


  1. I haven't noticed all the gardening supplies yet. They're really there? Oh my gosh! Last year I did some herbs, and I think I'll do that again!

  2. mmm raosted asparagus is the best....
    so you will pallete plant again? my wife wants to try it this year...

    1. I love grilled Asparagus! Yes, I will be planting on my pallets again. i can't wait!


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