Friday, February 27, 2015

Pot Holes

Winter is hard on the roads, especially for areas that get snow and ice that requires treatment with salt and sand. And let's not mention the snow plows scrapping the snow and ice off the roads.

So now that Winter has appeared in my neck of the woods with a vengeance, there are POT HOLES every where.  So much fun to dodge car-eating holes in the road!  There is one that I manage to hit EVERY day on the way to work.

So I am all for the state, county and township representatives coming around and filling them.  BUT, I think they should check the weather forecast before they go around and fix them.  

This week, the state was around fixing my morning pot hole but my problem is that there was more snow predicted for Thursday following morning.  Enough snow that the plows would be out again.  So really, was there a reason for filling the pot holes just to have them reopened the next day??

So while I was sitting in traffic watching them fill the pot holes, I was also fuming about my tax dollars at work.  And wondering if I would get stuck behind them again next week.

Did I mention I hit my favorite pot hole again this morning?

Spring is coming.


  1. ha. i think everyone is trying to keep up with the weather..
    watch those pot holes as dont come cheap...

  2. That drives me crazy too! It seems like they fill them and then those darn holes are back and bigger than ever within the week. At some point, they just need to redo the entire road and get a strong base again.

  3. There is a hole I hit every summer day in Maine. It takes me almost a month and a half for me to remember to avoid it. It never gets filled...just keeps getting bigger. Tough on the car and hard on my tender backside. :)


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