Friday, October 2, 2009


I am blessed. I know this but there are days that I am reminded of this. Today is such a day.

Son had pre-admission testing for his ear surgery next week so we spent the morning at the hospital. Now, this is not your ordinary hospital that caters to all ages, this is one of the top children’s hospital in the area. Just walking through the lobby is enough to break you heart.

My son has a disability as well as ear problems that make him special. He has worked very hard with the therapists and other specialist in his life to learn to cope with his Aspergers Syndrome. It helps him that I have advocated and pushed for every intervention he has had since the 2006 diagnosis. To me, Son is special, even without the diagnosis. With the diagnosis, he is special to a lot of other people, mainly the school district and the therapists that work with him.

But when you go to the children’s hospital, you can see that Son is normal in comparison to a lot of the kids there. We were on our way out when I saw a mother walking down the hall with her son and daughter. The daughter looked to be about 5 and the son, well it was hard to tell. He was in a wheel chair, a fancy electric one that seems to recline. The mother was also pushing an IV pole with bags of stuff and an oxygen tank. She was good at driving the wheel chair and guiding the pole at the same time. My heart broke for that family.

There were other kids there with various physical disabilities, lack of hair as a result of chemo, and of course their parents there to support and encourage them.

Going to this hospital is a good reminder for me to hug my child close and to say a prayer of thanks for my blessings. When you count your blessings the next time, ask God to keep all the families with special children close to his heart.
I did.

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  1. Yes, when we go there we feel the same way. But I also believe that those parents also think their children are special. Seeing all those sick children sure does put things in perspective and helps you to see that the big annoyances arent so big. At least thats what it does to me.
    Enjoy your weekend!!!


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