Monday, October 5, 2009

An F Bomb Kinda Day

Have you ever had a F-Bomb kinda day? Well that was my day today. Here's some background leading to the F-Bomb.

Son has a retainer on the top only. It is PRE treatment, getting things started before they put braces on the top and bottom. He needs teeth pulled on the bottom before they can put braces on. Son has had a terrible time remembering to wear the thing. He has left it at 2 restaurants and we were very lucky they found it for us.

After Son got out of the shower tonight I told him to brush his teeth and put his retainer back in. After he tried to say he couldn't FIND it, we finally determined that he did indeed wear it to school this morning and he threw it away at lunchtime. At SCHOOL.

There's the first F-bomb. The second one came when I looked at the price of the one in the trash that I am STILL PAYING ON.

The third F-bomb came when my best friend called to say that she thinks she is having some medical problems. She is still recovering from a major surgery and thinks this might be a complication from the surgery. Big time F-bomb! Even bigger than my retainer fiasco.

So did you have an F-bomb kinda day? Please tell me about it!

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