Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Everyone I know has a MySpace page. Not me. I even mocked people with MySpace pages. pfft! What do you need THAT for? HA.

Then my friend said that she was on Facebook. And that I should see ALL the people we went to school with who were on there! It was COOL to be on Facebook, or so she said.

So I signed up and made friends with her. Yes, there were lots of people I knew and/or went to school with. But I didn't "hang" with these people in school. Why would they want to be friends with me now? So I wasn't and still am not very proactive about being your friend on Facebook. I am choosy about who I am friends with. So if I am friends with you on Facebook, I really like you!

Until Denise of Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys, sent a friend request to me. She and I weren't really friends in high school, we certainly didn't "hang" together. I dated her brother for a while but when that fizzled, I moved off in a different direction from Denise. Don't get me wrong, I liked her but she was just my boyfriends little sister. lol

So the day that Denise friended me, I was feeling particularly lonely so I accepted. From that day forward, she always commented on my status, eventually we were emailing through facebook, then exchanged home emails and phone numbers. OH! And when we figured out that we lived around the corner from each other, that was the deal sealer! We were destined to be best friends!

I don't want to say that she cyber stalked me but............ I am glad that she did!

Its been just over a year since she and I reconnected on Facebook and we have had MANY Girls Nights In and Out (with more to come!), our kids get along very well, and her husband likes me too, always a plus!

After I had a particularly trying day and whining to Denise that I wished my therapist hadn't discharged me, she introduced me to blogging. "It's therapy without the car ride, the wait and its FREE!" Free? I'm there! So I started a blog, which I have since closed down do to a stalker. And she was right. Free therapy!

Then she would talk about all the blogs she was "following" and she showed me how to do that. Now I spend HOURS reading and commenting on other peoples lives. And I am not as lonely.

So, Facebook, Thank you for bringing me new/old friends!

Denise, thank you for introducing me to free therapy and for cyber stalking me! Love you!

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  1. Best cyber stalking I ever did! And it turned out so well. Seriously, thanks for being a HUGE part of my life during the last year. I don't think I could have made it through without you! HUG!!!! Love ya!


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