Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Parade

Son's school is making a float for a local Halloween Parade and grades 3 through 8 get to ride on the float in the parade. Last year, Son wasn't able to because he was with his father for visitation and his father wouldn't allow him to participate. Jerk. Ooops. lol
This year, Son is with ME for the parade! YAY for Son! I get to chauffeur Son to and from the parade meeting grounds, which is small with little parking, and either wait in said area or I can walk the parade route while Son rides on the float. Well, walking and seeing the sites of the parade sounds like a lot more fun!
Son gets to dress up for the float and I guess I can too. Hummmm. Should start getting some ideas for a costume! Any suggestions?

Some background on this parade: The Village has put on this parade for 41 years. This is a small village of 2,700 people, give or take a couple. They shut down the village for the parade and everyone parties the afternoon/night away. I remember going to a party when I was pregnant and it was SO much fun! Don't worry, I was the designated driver of the group I was with!
Anywho, the whole thing should be loads of fun for us and a chance to get out and see the freaks who live around us! I can't wait!


  1. YAY....I LOVE that parade. So many great memories from my childhood all the way until a few years ago. Take lots of pictures and enjoy every minute of it!

  2. Yeah, you go out and have a blast! Both you and Son have a great time...and don't forget the camera! Looking forward to lots of pics!


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