Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm A Reject

Well, I personally don’t feel like one but eHarmony apparently thinks I am. I signed up for a 3 month stint with them and I am in month #2. BUT I have gotten very few matches and the ones that I HAVE gotten are what they call “flexible” matches. Meaning, they sort of match with you. HA.

I am a 37 yr old single white female who lives in the middle of almost no-where. In my match settings I asked for 35 to 43 yr old while males who lives within 30 miles of me. Now, 30 miles can cover a lot of territory, even another STATE! Thirty miles would be about 45 minutes or so from where I live. Not too bad of a drive and it only takes about 30 minutes to get to civilization.

I thought I was pretty generous on the age range, I don’t really want someone who might be old enough to be my father or who is just graduating from high school.

Well, eHarm seems to think that they have leeway in my matching. Oh, she only marked her age range as a 7 so we can match her with a 52 yr old who lives 2 HOURS from her town.

Come ON! Really, eHarm?

Of course when I saw what eHarm was going to send me, I stopped being so picky and tried to start conversations with the 45 yr old who only lived a hour from me. Of course, he closed the match because he didn’t want to travel so far into East BubbleNuck. I don’t blame him.

Then, there was the guy who was my age and lived about 30 minutes from me. Cool. AND he responded to my inquiries. Until I allowed him to see my picture. Then all of a sudden he was “pursuing a relationship”. Nice. Timing.

I don’t think I am horrible to look at, I mean I’m not a zombie or anything. Unless I have been up all night fixing my computer that has a virus and spyware. But I would never post a picture of THAT. Ewww. I know I'm not Mrs. America or anything but I have all my teeth and an awesome personality!

So this experience from the past 2 months has not been a real ego booster and it makes me want to re-think my choice to get back in the dating scene. I still have another month on my subscription with eHarm but I am not very optimistic that anything will come through. I hope I am proven wrong!
UPDATE: I did NOT plan on the eHarmony ads on the side! Talk about irony~~~


  1. Screw EHarm and eH guy. I know how great you are and that you deserve so much more. And YAY on having all your own teeth! I can't even say that (giggle). Love you!!!

  2. I've always really wondered if these things actually work anyway! Although on saying that I do know a woman who has been married for over 30 years to a guy she met through a personal ad in the local news paper!

  3. screw them! They don't know what they're missing!If you know how to fix a computer- I would like to date you!

    I love the irony of the ad, too!

  4. You're not a zombie?

    Don't worry dear, your day will come.

    Sorry about the eharmony dealie! That royally sucks!

    But don't worry dear, there's a hat for every head!

    Well that's what they used to tell me! Hee hee I didn't get married til I was 31!

  5. Cutest zombie I ever saw! lol. Yeah, internet matchmaking has its shortcomings - sometimes it's "E-UNharmony", eh?

    Hang in there, Mr. Right is still lookin for ya. ;)

    The Old Silly

  6. Not sure that dating sites are the way to go.? Where is that town in NJ close to? I grew up in Morris and Sussex county.


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