Friday, October 9, 2009


I have to say that we were in the best hospital! Our arrival time was at 8:20 am. They took us right back to get the pre-op stuff taken care of. Once that was done, they put him in a bed and gave him "giggle juice". Almost immediately, he was blinking and complaining about seeing "things floating". psychedelic dude! lol
The Dr Hotty (more on him later!) came and talked with me, signed some papers and away Son went! I didn't even cry. The nurses showed me where the PACU waiting was and I had just enough time to send one email telling family that he was in surgery and it would be about 30 minutes before I heard anything else. I looked up from that email and here comes Dr Hotty to tell me that everything is done, looks good and I can see Son in about 20 minutes or so. WOW!
So I send another email telling everyone that he's done! And of course, call my father who didn't have email today! Eventually, they are coming to get me to sit with him while he wakes up. He always has woken up easily. No fussing, puking or crying. He drank some juice and watched some TV while things floated by still. And then whined when they said it was time to get dressed. Of course because a good show came on the TV. Typical!
Our nurse got pulled away to tend a smaller patient who wasn't waking up nicely from the giggle juice. She wasn't even with us when the wheel chair came to get us. But we were cleared to leave!
We got home at 11:10 am. I can't remember a quicker trip to the hospital for surgery! They ROCK!
Son has been vegging on the couch since we got home. I am working Saturday chores so I have Saturday free. Always a good thing when there are TONS of things to do this time of year!
Now, Dr. Hotty. yum. He is not Son's regular ENT but he had time free in his OR schedule for Son. WOW. Had I known he was HOTTY, I would have switched! And would be happier that Son has ear problems cause it would be more chances to flirt/drool! Oh well. My prince is out there.
Have a happy weekend. I know I will!

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  1. Yay for J and his super fast surgery!

    Yay for Dr. Hottie filling in for regular going back now, right??

    And YAY for having saturday chores done on friday....woo hoo!


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