Sunday, October 18, 2009

Its Sunday already?!?!?

WOW. Where does the weekend go? Its Sunday already and I will have to go back to work tomorrow. ugh. Yesterday, I spent most of the day on the couch. I did get out of jammies to go to dinner with my parents. But was right back in them once home again!

Today, I had to go to the store, Son seems to want to eat when he comes home from his dads. grumble. The weather here seems to be getting better and actually, I am surprised that these Nor'easters haven't been worse. Here is a picture I took at High Tide today:

These are the steps leading to the beach (we have beach at low tide). We have had white caps out there all weekend.

Here is a shot of the fury of the River. This is a picture taken by my step mother on a different day. Its a bit blurry because the window she was taking it through was covered in River Spray.

We don't worry about the river over-flowing its banks. My parents have lived here for 7 years and have only been flooded once and that was from the meadow behind our house. Seen here:

Again, this is an old picture, we didn't have any flooding this weekend from the storms.

I hope your weekend has been a safe, warm and dry one! I still have time to color my hair and get a nap in before Son comes home! Yay me!


  1. Woa! That's some serious looking weather! High and dry and safe and sound here in Michigan. We live in a condo on a lake, but no white caps or flooding.

    The Old Silly

  2. Where I live we have a stream to the North, and a river to the South, both are prone to flooding! So it gets a bit hectic around here at times, especially since I keep horses and they often need to be brought up to higher ground in the middle of the night!
    The week-end really is not long enough!

  3. Awesome pics! Weekend was safe but NOT dry, lol. Guess what? YOU won my book giveaway! Congrats!!

  4. Hi AMY!
    Thanks for commenting on Kansas Mediocrity!
    I like you spot, wish it was on wordpress, but then again that's just what I like.
    Your format is easier to comment on than many 'blogspots'.
    I've been there once.
    Spent a week touring the NYC area.
    Wow, so many people. I guess I like small town Kansas.
    I'm glad I toured though. The WTC site and 'Strawberry Fields" both brought a chill and a tear to this old man!

  5. What a beautiful location for your home. It must be nice to be right on the river like that, even though storms and weather can cause challenges/ Good luck!


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