Wednesday, November 11, 2009

As if Mornings Aren't Hard Enough...........

As with many households with children and working parents, my mornings are BUSY. And with Son having Aspergers, changes to the routine create total chaos and meltdowns. As he has gotten older, the meltdowns involve less crying and more yelling. I think I prefer the crying. I think my neighbors prefer the crying too!

Anyway, some how after 35 years, the township decided that my little dead end street needed new curbing and paving. Ok. Cool. Some payback for the taxes I pay.

But, the machines show up at 7 AM and are a complete distraction for Son. He LOVES big machines and all the construction stuff that comes with them. He has spent the past 3 mornings staring out the window watching. Yesterday, I was able to use his fascination to my advantage and bribed him to get ready for school, THEN he could go out and take pictures. I haven’t seen the kid move so fast since we got back from Disney!

Here are some of the pictures he took. He’s not a bad photographer!

Cutting up the concrete by our mailboxes.

Pulling out the concrete down the street from us.

Battle of the Backhoe's!

Because today is raining here, I drove Son to the bus stop.  While we were waiting we saw a fleet of concrete trucks pass the street TWICE.  I think they were lost.

They are supposed to be finished in about a month so let's hope for good weather and better directions so the mornings around here can be peaceful again!


  1. I was getting ready to tell you that those trucks passed back and forth by my house 3 times so I KNOW they were LOST!!! LMAO

    And your son takes great pics!!! (I posted his name in my first comment and had to erase it, sorry.....I guess Im still asleep, lol)

  2. Gah. What a mess to deal with! Hey those ARE some pretty darn good pics. Kid's got some talent, methinks.

    Marvin D Wilson

  3. One of our crews is doing the exact same job!!


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