Friday, November 13, 2009

Being Silly...................

I have a friend who reads my blog and comments directly to me instead of in the comment section.  Don't know why but at least he reads.  Today's comment was that I complain about my kid alot.  So I told him that my next post would be all about him, with pictures!    Don't worry!  Its 'G' rated, almost!  So here goes. 

He used to spend a lot of time over the house, just hanging out with us.  Here he is hanging out.

UPDATE:  I was asked to remove his picture.  I thought it was cute but some people don't have a sense of humor

Here is Son practicing to be just like ........

Isn't he the cutest?  The little kid, not the big kid!

So, friend, a post all about you and not complaining about my kid!  Enjoy!


  1. Well, I reckon that I will be able to pick your friend out in an I.D. parade! I think that I could recognise that face (?) just about anywhere!

  2. That was Hillarious Ames... And I don't feel like all you do is complain about your son in your blog. You talk about your son and your family which being so far away that is what I want to read about. Tell him too just read and enjooy what is going on in your life. It is entertaining. And tell him to stop by and visit more often, you would love it and so woulld your son.

  3. Cute! and you must be so proud (of the little one) :)

  4. Uhmmm, Uhhh.....
    Which one is the complainer, and which one is the kid?

  5. LOL - loved this. I get peeps who send me comments in emails, too. Usually family members who claim they can't figure out HOW to post a comment on the blog. Not a very good indicator of familial intelligence, eh? Sigh - then there is the Facebook crowd who will comment on FB about my posts - I have the blog syndicated to my FB page - but won't ever leave a comment on the blog itself.

    Fun post, Amy - love the pics!


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