Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Ok, I'm a little late for Christmas.  I was busy being a mom and Santa all at the same time!  We had a wonderful holiday.

Christmas eve, Son went to his fathers for the day, which gave me time to wrap the Santa presents that were hidden in the shed.  After all the wrapping was done, I went upstairs to my parents for dinner and drinkie-winkies and to wait for Son to come home.  We exchanged presesnts with them and let me tell you , I am still Daddy's Spoiled Little Girl!  Son made out pretty well with them too.

Christmas Morning, Santa left this pile for Son:

Son expressed his disappointment at the smallness of the size.  FINE.  Let's call Santa to come and get ALL of them, if you are going to be ungrateful.  And Son's tune changed QUICKLY.

Note to Self: Small pile again next year!

Son is on the floor right now, reading the directions for this:

He is asking for my help and since I am playing Full Time Mom this week, I am going to crawl around on the floor with him.  I don't know how much I will be around this week but I hope your Christmas Holiday was a wonderful as mine!


  1. have fun crawling around on the florr...some of the best times with my boys are there. a train set! too cool!

  2. OOOOHHHHH! HE GOT A BACHMAN BIG HAULER!!!! I WANT ONE!!! I am 44 and I am serious! LOL

  3. Last year Joe and I were given a list the length of the Declaration of Independence, suggesting gifts for the adorably "quality versus quantity" grandkids. So, we got, and got, and got.

    After opening their gifts, the precious grandaughter said "Is that ALL? Well *big sigh* our OTHER grandma will get us more.

    *insert scene of strangling a child here*

  4. Thankfully my little ones are too little to realize how small the pile was this it looked bigger with both their presents together. Sorry he said that....but kids are kids and sometimes a little too honest with their feelings. Im glad you had a great Christmas....and good luck with the Train.

  5. I heard you were treated very nice for Christmas. That's nice your still daddy's girl. It sounds like son had a nice Christmas even if he didn't get as big a one as he wanted. Don't worry, no matter how much they get it is never enough. It's from all the hype that is out there during 3 months before it gets here.

    Merry Christmas Hon,
    Hugs Mom


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