Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Job

I work for a non-profit drug and alcohol outpatient treatment center as the grant writer.  This is an important position because if I don't write and beg for money, we don't get money in to help the people or pay the employees.  Over the course of my 7 years with this agency, I have gotten pretty good at writing about addiction and our treatment and prevention programs.  I like what I do.

Usually, I sit in an office in front of a computer, some days looking for places to beg from, other days writing to places to beg from.  Most days, I sit and write or look up stats while I email with friends or read blogs.

Last summer, I was able and allowed to work from home on 13 requests that were due at the same time.  It was for prevention programs and since my agency is in 7 counties and each county and program we were offering to perform needed a separate submission, I had 13 to write by September 30.  So my boss allowed me to work from home where I wouldn't be interrupted as much.  I sat with my laptop on my front porch and watched the river go by while I wrote those grants.  It was the best, least stressful time!

At the moment, I am writing to the federal government to beg for money from them.  I have never been awarded a federal grant and think it would be quite an accomplishment (my ex-boss says it is VERY hard to get awarded by them!).

This time of year, there are TONS of reports that come out that I have to read so I can write based on current trends and facts. 

My reading piles:

On the left is what I have to read for THIS grant I am working on.
Due 1-14-2010 and I am on vacation for 10 days during Christmas.

On the right is stuff I have to read just because it pertains to other things I may write about.

None of this is exciting stuff.  There are no vampires or wizards to entertain you.  Every once in a while, I feel myself drifting off to sleep from the boredom of the facts.

But when I think about the people we have saved from their addictions or the kids we prevented from starting, I wake up and read some more.  Either that or I get a comment from my blog.  So comment away and wake me up!


  1. Wake up! I think what you do is great. You are helping people by earning those grants. AND you are able to keep reading all those boring facts. I would certainly fall asleep.

  2. Ring Ring, wakey wakey get your mind back on track and read more so you can get grants you need. My prayers are with you. I think what you do is awesome. Merry Christmas. Mom

  3. I really need to do something about my blog! I have some people on my sidebar and some I do not, and it is making it hard for me to keep up with everyone's blogs. If you do not see me in a while, drop me an email or leave me a comment saying "Where have you been?"

    I am glad to know people like you who are tring and succeeding at making a difference in people's lives! Merry Christmas!


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