Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Mom

This weekend makes me think about my mom LOTS.  Not that she is very far from my thoughts and heart anyway but most of the people I hung out with this weekend were HER friends.  Mom and I started going to the Ocean with Judy (Mom's best friend since 7th grade) and Bonnie (a part of Junior High Group) about 15 years ago.  Mom even went in December of 1998 and she passed at the end of January 1999.

This is my Mom and me at my wedding.

Isn't she gorgeous?
She was in SO much pain but you wouldn't know it from her smile.

My mom was a talented seamstress.  She made both of my prom dresses as well as most of my clothes and the best bathing suits!  I remember shopping in the mall with her and she would sketch out designs on the racks and a week later, I would be wearing it.  AWESOME!  Until she became sick, we had planned for her to make my wedding dress.  It was going to be Scarletts dress from the garden party at the beginning of Gone With the Wind.  I even found the pattern when I cleaned out her sewing room.

But she was too sick to make my dress.  She did make my hat and the veil.  She created the pattern, got extra material from the seamtress doing the alterations and made my hat.  I loved it!  I could never have found a hat to go so perfectly with my dress.

Here is a picture of my parents from 1988.

I know mom was disappointed that she didn't get to meet Son but there was a reason.  Son looks like Mom, acts like Mom and loves like Mom.  Son is Mom, born again.

Mom knew she wasn't going to be here to meet Son so she made lots of baby clothes, a baby quilt and a christening dress that will be passed down through the family.  I loaned it to my brother for his girls and when he got divorced, I threatened bodily harm if he didn't get it back in the settlement.  He knew I meant business.

This is not the best picture of the dress but its all I have on the computer. 
Mom made a little bonnet that matched too.

He looked like a little girl!  Sorry Son, it was only for one day!

Momma, I miss you everyday.  Keep watching over us, I know you're there!  I love you!


  1. Beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye. These posts where people remember their loved ones are really special. I am sure that your Mom would love this as well.

  2. Ames I remember your mom and yes she was a beautiful special person. I didn't know she made everything for you growing up. My mom made everything to and I was an ungrateful child who didn't want home made clothes, I wanted store bought and it was a fight all the time. She even took our kitchen curtains and made me a coat to wear out in the snow. I am so glad you had a mom who sketched out what was in style to make your clothes. I didn't have anything like everyone else was wearing. The outfit for your son is georgeous. I had tears reading this blog. I miss your mom too.


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