Monday, December 7, 2009


Son's school has a program called 100 Book Challange.  Its to encourage kids to read at home.  In each marking period, the kids have to read for at least 15 minute each night, have an adult sign the line (one line = 15 mins of reading).  They can read more than what is assigned but Son has a problem with that.  To him, the rule is 2 lines each night.  And if the teacher doesn't assign it on the weekends, there will be NO reading done.  Don't change the rules!

This year has been a little better.  Usually we are spending the week before the end of the marking period fighting over how much he needs to read.  This year, he is at 160+ lines and the second marking period just started last week.  I am SO proud of him!

I have asked Santa to bring me a Sony eReader because I LOVE to read.  And I love gadgets.  I am a Geek.  I hope Santa brings me this one:

When I was looking at this in Wal-Mart, Son wanted one too.  Yeah.  I'm going to get you one when you don't like to read.  Right.

Since Son is doing better with the 100 BC, I gave him an additional challenge.  At the school, if you read 700 books you get a free lunch coupon from McDonalds, for 1000 lines, you get $100.

I challenged Son to read 800 lines and I would get him an eReader.  He accepted and sat right down to read! W oo ho.....

Guess I need to save my pennies for June's present!

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  1. Looks like you will be buying the eReader for your son and the two of you could share it together. I don't know if that is bribery or just plain good attitude that he is willing to start reading more. with kids you just never know.


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