Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fish Hooks and Eyes

We have 2 kitties, Kitter and Saylors.  About 6 years ago, I saved Kitters from dumpter diving and Saylors came to us about 6 months later from a yard sale (get it, Saylors). 

Kitters is the Orange one and Saylors is gray.

Before we moved here, we lived on a VERY busy street and they were complete inside kitties. When we moved here to the dead end street, I started letting them outside.  This summer, they would only come home occasionally.  With the colder weather, they are spending more time indoors but Kitters still likes to go out ramming at night.

This morning, Kitters came home for breakfast with a fish hook in his eye!  GROSS!

My Monday morning started with heading to Delaware where the emergency vet is located.  Kitters has to have surgery to remove the fish hook and thankfully, it appears that he did not damage his eye, its just stuck in his lid.  Poor BABY!!

Son and I went back over to pick him up after dinner and he has one of those dorky plastic collars on.  What fun!

I had to email Son's teacher so she could let him know not to worry about Kitters.  Son was very upset when Kitters came home Monday morning and worried all day long until the teacher told him.

The things we do for our pets!

Kitters after he got home.  Not happy and still on drugs.


  1. Poor Kitters....I am so glad he is ok and there was no damage to his eye.

    I am emailing you an award =D

  2. Aww - and so cool of you to adopt them in the first place. Love Saylor's green eyes!

    The Old Silly

  3. I always get nervous letting a cat out. You never know what they will get into!

  4. I hope the two of them will be permanent inside cats again. That was just horrible. Yuk! Poor Kitters can't even lick his paws which must be devistating.


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