Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

I only have a couple of rants and raves but they need to be said.

Rave:  I LOVE my brand newly paved road.
Rant:  Do you think they could make it so it doesn't flood still?  All the rain this morning caused it to flood even worse than it did before they repaved.

Rave:  I know the licensure standards for my agency.  I know they very well
Rant:  My bosses (the people who make the decisions about things for the place) DO NOT.  And they don't check with ME to see if their decisions will be affected by the licensure.  Yes, that happened today and I had to smooze the state reps to make everything okay.

Rave:  Son's father has the Son's retainer that Son't thought he threw away AGAIN.
Rant:  Son's father is being an ass about getting the retainer back in Son's mouth.  He's refusing to meet at any time that I can to give back the retainer.  Why can't his priority be what's best for Son?

Rave:  kitters seems to be recovering well  He's stopped fighting the lamp shade and loves to snuggle up.  he's fighting with the lap top for space right now.  And he's been very good about taking his medicine.
Rant:  the vet bill was OUTRAGEOUS.

I think that's all I have to rant and rave about.  Not very much.  Happpy Wednesday!

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  1. Rant: I hate days when you are busy at work
    Rave: the boys are finally in bed!!!


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