Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random Thought Tuesday On Wednesday

I have taken to writing down my random thoughts so I can remember what they are when I get around to posting.  LAME.

I have decided that its ridiculous for me to be in bed at 9:00 pm, especially when I get up at 2:00 AM.  So I have enlisted my parents to help keep me up a little later in the evening.  I have been going up to their place after Son is in bed and Wii bowling with them.  They have been Wii bowling every night since they bought the Wii.  I have really enjoyed myself these past couple of nights.  I think my father has too cause he invited me back tonight!

I spent ALL day yesterday at work READING.  I love to read.  Just not about how to make a recovery program work and the science of how the federal government decided recovery programs work. Snooze-ville.

I am DONE with Christmas, except for wrapping.  I won't have a chance to wrap Santa presents until Christmas Eve when Son will be with his father.

Anyone want to clean the turtle cage for me?  I feed him yesterday and with all the crap floating in the tank, I couldn't be sure there was a turtle in there.  I don't mind scrubbing the cage, its picking up the turtle and putting him in the bathtub that I have a problem with.  YUCK.

The bosses at work are annoying again.  We are in the process of moving one office to a new location and need an inspection by the state before we can open for business.  I have told the Bosses several times that the inspector needs to see certain things in place before he will sign off on the license.  When I checked with the Bosses yesterday, we didn't have ANY of the things the inspector wants to see.  Yet, the Bosses told me to schedule the inspection.  So, I am driving to AC (which is 2 HOURS) from home to meet with the state inspector who will not sign off on our license.  Total waste of MY time, which could be better spent reading about recovery programs and how to make one work.

Ok.  Time to brush teeth and drive to AC!  Happy Tuesday on Wednesday!  Check out the other random-ness over at The Un-Mom!


  1. a week to go...not done with christmas...yikes on the turtle travels.

  2. We bought the Wii about a year ago and love it. Have you done the bowling obsticles yet? That is my best part of bowling. Trying to bowl in between obsticles. It is so much fun.
    Santa wrapping is so much fun isn't it? Enjoy...
    I can't belive you have to drive all the way to AC and waste your day, your gas, your time because your Bosses are such idiots... Ahhh!


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