Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So. Many. Random. Thoughts.

Random thought Tuesday.  Finally!  There are SO many silly things in my head.  I can't seem to put two thoughts together.  I can't even concentrate well enough to READ.  TRAGEDY!

Let's get started!

Thanksgiving weekend was everything I could ask for, quiet!  I also was able to get the entire place cleaned, carpets steamed and the CAR cleaned on the inside.  Not bothering to bath the outside of the car yet because we are still dealing with road construction.

On the good side of that, they are almost done.  They should be putting the final asphalt layer down tomorrow.  THEN I will wash my car.

I am excited about this weeks Theme Thursday - Friends.  I am going away for the weekend with some of my oldest friends and family this weekend.  Every year for about the last 18, us girls have gotten together for the first weekend in December to go away without kids and men.  Its always been a nice relaxing, fun, SHOPPING filled weekend.

Son is not too happy that I am leaving this weekend because he will have to spend it with his Dad and I think he is a bit tired of being with his Dad.  Or it could be his Aspergers flairing since I am changing the visitation schedule on him.  Oh well!  Deal with it Kid!

Over the weekend my best friend and I went to see New Moon.  It was SO much better than the first one but I will still disappointed with the ending.  In the theater I LOUDLY proclaimed "Really?  That's the END?"  My friend laughed at me!  What can I say?  I was into the moment!  When's the next one come out?  January?

Work has gotten pretty busy again.  They seem to be tapping into my knowledge for certain projects.  I don't like that they have remembered that I have a brain!  I was just adjusting to being a little peon.

Son and I disagreed on how to decorated the tree.  I have a minimalist view of things and he thinks that just because we have TONS of bows, they should be on the tree.  I don't want ANY bows on it.  But I compromised for the bigger ones as long as I can have my butterflies on it.

Ok.  Son is ready for snuggles before bed so the rest of the random thoughts will just have to stay there for now.  Don't forget to check out the other Random Thought Tuesday Bloggers!  Happy Tuesday


  1. I wondered about New Moon. I was not a fan of the Twilight movie. At all. I love the books, but really, could the acting have been any more wooden?

    Hope you got plentu of snuggles!

  2. Sounds like your going to have a Great Weekend with some old friends. The best part I thought was the word shopping... LOL Enjoy, be safe and do lots of shopping. Mom


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