Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You're MEAN.........................

Well, this morning was rather rough getting Son ready to for school. There was lots of arguing and yelling and walking away. By 7:30, I was ready to leave for work just to get somewhere quiet! There were also words that were meant to hurt, said by him.

I am a MEAN mom and HE wants to go live with his DAD. That’s a direct quote with the appropriate emphasis to reflect Son’s attitude. Nice kid, huh?

But, I’m not worried that he will go live with his dad for many reasons. The most important one is that his dad doesn’t want him full time or even part time. He just gets Son every other weekend and court approved holidays to impress the current girlfriend so she keeps supporting him in a manner he would like to be accustomed. See, I’m not bitter! But I digress. His father doesn’t want him full time or part time. Son would be too much work and his father would have to pay attention to someone else.

Also, Son wouldn’t want to be there full time, for the above reasons as well as the fact that he would miss me. Even if I am MEAN. Son was just with his dad for 5 days over the Thanksgiving Holiday, was SO happy to be home, and MISSED me SO MUCH!

Anyway, Son FINALLY got ready for school and out the door he went. I headed for the shower to compose myself before a long day at work. I am also holding my breath for the dreaded call/email from the school because of his behaviors today.

Fingers crossed that he changed his attitude on the ride to school.  OH!  and this is my 50th post!  Go me!


  1. LOL, kids. You're not so mean, I can tell (wink). And 50 posts! You go, girlfriend!

    Marvin D Wilson

  2. Congrats on 50!!! And try not to let his comments hurt you. I think all kids from divorced families say that...just to see if it can provoke a reaction. If he sees it doesnt bother you, he wont say it again.
    HUGS <3


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