Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lincoln Financial Field

Sunday, Son and I joined the group from the Autism Center to go to Lincoln Field, where the Philadelphia Eagles play.  Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia was hosting a Huddle Up for Autism Day.  They have a fairly new Autism program at CHOP and it was a fund raiser for them.

Son standing near the entrance.

There were LOTS of people there.   Many with their special needs kids as well as kids without disabilities.  There was plenty for the kids to do, arts and crafts, computer games, moon bounces, face painting and a guy making balloon things.

Son did some Arts and Crafts as well as some computer games, then we had a quick lunch.

After lunch, we stood in line for the moon bounce.

Son decided he wanted a balloon thing so we stood in line for that as well.

This is not what he wanted but after waiting in line for 2 hours, it was time to leave and the balloon guy wasn't making elaborate balloon creations anymore.  Son took the news pretty well.  Only a little meltdown and he was able to pull himself together quickly.  I was proud of him.

Some of the kids needed a quiet room. There was SO much noise and other stimuli for the autistic kids.  But the Eagles had offered up their luxury boxes for quiet rooms. One of the people on the bus with us said they spent most of the day there with their grandson.  They raved over how nice it was.

We could have taken a tour of the center as well as gotten face painting and autographs but we were stuck in line because there was only ONE balloon guy and Son HAD to have one.

Overall it was a nice day. Son behaved and listened to me for the most part. And it was a day out!


  1. what a cool thing that they provide like that...and it sure sounded fun as well. glad you got a day out.


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