Sunday, May 23, 2010


Its Sunday evening and here I sit at my desk watching a beautiful sunset with a glass of wine.  What a Lovely way to end a lovely weekend!

Friday I rode my bike to and from work for the first time.  I made the 3.5 miles trek in 17 minutes!  When I came home, I helped Dad put his new truck cap on so he could be in the local Memorial Day Parade on Saturday with Son.

Saturday, I ran a few errands, did a little housework, attempted to watch a movie in the evening but got distracted.  It was a good distraction in the form of a good friend!  I love it when friends stop by! :)

Sunday, I helped my BFF pack her daughters' apartment in Virginia up and move it back to NJ.  What Fun!  Actually, I did enjoy myself.  Neicy and I had good conversations on the ride to and fro, lots of laughs as we packed the truck to capacity!  Even laughs as we sat under an overpass to wait out the rain storm.

Now, I am relaxing, watching the sunset and relaxing some more.  Couldn't be a better weekend!

Hope yours was a great as mine was!

On deck for this week: another therapy session, no vet visits, Son's class trip and a long weekend!


  1. what part of VA were you in?

    sounds like a good weekend...

  2. Glad it was a good one for you,hope you have many many more and the week ahead is great too.

  3. You sound so happy! I'm glad your weekend was fabulous.

    I hate when people stop over, probably about as much as you like it! ;)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the week now, too!

  5. YOUR good weekend would have been MY reason to moan and groan. I do believe that our perceptions matter more than the reality and YOU make everything (in theory) sound so enjoyable. In my reality, I would have faked a heart attack to avoid helping someone move, and pretended I wasn't home when I heard the knock on the door. What would I rather have? YOUR attitude!

  6. You had me at glass of wine :)
    sounds like a great weekend to me-- well minus all that moving stuff


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