Friday, August 27, 2010

Finally Friday

I am SO happy its Friday!  It has been a long and crazy work week for me.  Usually, I sit in my office and write applications begging for money.  Not this week!  I started out the week having to go to the Administrative office to hear how much more money they were taking from me for my health benefits.  OUCH.  But I need the bennies.

Tuesday, I had to go to another of our offices because they were being inspected by the licensing department of the state.  Since I wrote the Policies and Procedures and know all about the licensing inspections, they wanted me there.  Ok, no problem.  My part of the inspection went great!  There were some things missing from the wall that are supposed to be posted but I was able to get them posted before the inspector left so she was ok with all that.  She LOVED my P&P manual and wanted a copy on CD to be able to share with other agencies in the state.  She wants to use MY P&P manual as an example of how it should be done.  High five for me!  She even said that in front of the all the bosses so I have points there.  Now, the clinical files were completely other story.  They were HORRID!  And the inspector was not happy about any of them that she reviewed.  Which in turn didn't make the bosses happy.  I have been getting phone calls from all the bosses asking for my help with fixing the charts and the forms so this doesn't happen at the next site visit.

On Wednesday, I was able to stay in my office and beg for money.  YAY!  Thursday, I planned the same but was derailed when one of the counties sent out a notice that they have money to give out and they want proposals back to them by September 8th.  Sounds like a lot of time right?  Usually, yes its a very generous time frame.  BUT, I will be on vacation as of 4 pm Friday until September 8th.

So I hurried up and wrote 2 proposals, drove to the administrative office for original signatures and turned them in yesterday.  Woo ho!  Fortunately, the money they are offering is for programs that we are already doing and have been doing for many years for this county.  I basically took last years proposals, updated staffing, levels of service, and dates.  The hardest part was driving up to the administrative offices.

Today, I am sitting at my desk with plans of starting the company newsletter, reading some blogs and working on a program description.  At 4 pm, I am leaving here and am on vacation for 10 days!  I can't wait!

On the homefront, the house has been quiet with Son visiting his father.  He will be home Sunday night and I am sort of looking forward to it.  I have been enjoying the quiet, the freedom and just everything while he has been away.  I have been missing the hugs, the snuggles, the arguments, the noise, everything that comes with him.

We don't have a lot planned for vacation.  One day, we will be going to the beach so he can be Sailor For A Day on a Tall Ship while I relax on the beach with Neicy.  I know he will have a good time and he was so excited when I told him that I made the reservations.  Another day, we will be going to Maryland to visit friends.  We are also going to be taking care of Kathy's puppies and kitties because she and my parents will be going to Tennessee to visit family there.

So that is my life this week in a nutshell.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I have plans to enjoy my last couple of days of quiet.  :)


  1. sounds like you have stayed busy...always good to make the time fly until vacation! hope you have a wonderful time...doing nothing or otherwise!

  2. WOOT vacation. There is nothing like the first few days before you leave.
    Your job sounds like it is fun. Better to ask for money then be in collections..... *shudders.

  3. Sounds good! And nice to just know how your live is going.

  4. have a great weekend. definitely enjoy the quiet.

    i was looking forward to some quiet of my own... then i remembered the inlaws would be here this weekend... so much for quiet or relaxing. :P

  5. Enjoy your homecoming with Son! I know I certainly have with my two.


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