Monday, September 6, 2010

Home Depot

Son's therapist and I have been brain storming ways to socialize him without putting him in the Autistic Group, which we both think he is too high functioning for.  (can I get anymore Run-on with that sentence?!?!?)

 One suggestion that she had was Home Depot. 

Huh?  On the first Saturday of each month they have a clinic for kids.  No registration required, just show up between 9 and noon, they provide the child with the project and an apron.  Best thing:  IT'S FREE!  .

Yes, I said FREE!

We showed up for the August clinic and Son loved being able to build the project.  I wasn't allowed to help him but the Home Depot Girl could.

Some Glue, nails and hammering

Some SERIOUS concentration!

And Son walked away with a school bus pencil holder
and a certificate.

We are hoping to go back in September to build a football holder.
Home Depot definitely gets my seal of approval!
Thanks Home Depot!


  1. oh yeah...been doing this with the boys for a couple years...we have shoe shine boxes and airplanes....and aprons with pins...smiles. its really fun.

  2. Aw that looks like a lot of fun! Hope it continues to interest your son :)

  3. I had no idea. I wonder if Home Depot does this around here? I know some kids that would love to do that.

  4. Wow, what a great idea. Were there other kids there? I guess they'd have a built-in common interest too...

  5. My husband wants to start that with our grandson but around here you have to sign up because the classes fill up really fast. I think/know our grandson is too young anyway:) Glad your son had such a great time. Great pictures!!

  6. this is great. home depot has some great programs. This is so awesome for him!


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