Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I love to read.  Any chance I get to sit down with a book I take it.  I love being transported to another world.  Even growing up I was a reader.  Book reports for school were no problem because I could just whip through the book. 

Some of my favorite books growing up were Anne of Green Gables, Little House books, Sweet Valley High Twins, Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden stories.  I'm sure there were others but those are ones that stick out, ones that I read time and time again.

Jakes on the other hand is a completely different story with reading.  Getting him to read is like pulling teeth, bribery and yelling all at the same time.  Not fun at all.

His school has a problem called 100 Book Challenge where every semester they are supposed to read at least 100 lines (each line is 15 minutes of reading).  The parents are required to verify that the reading is done and sign off on it.  This year, Jakes is responsible for reading at least 5 hours EACH week!  The weekend is included in that time frame but he decided he doesn't want to read on the weekend.  OK, but its his responsibility to get it done.  This also means that he has to spend at least ONE HOUR every night reading.  Pretty cool for me because I am trying to make sure we sit down together and read at the same time. YAY for me!  I get to read!

Oh wait!  I got distracted.  Sorry.

Anyway, so far he hasn't fought me too much on that one.  He has met his goal each week so far.

One downside of all this reading is that he will be going through some books.  I have lots of ideas for books that I would love for him to read but they are "girl stories" which he doesn't want to read.  I have no idea of books to recommend to him.  He has read all the Diary of a Whimpy Kid books and the newest one is on order.  I have a trip to the library planned but we just haven't gotten there yet.

Can you guys suggest great books for an 11 year old BOY on a 6th grade reading level?  THANKS! 


  1. I don't have any ideas for books, but I do share your love of reading! I just wish I could stay awake by the time I plop in bed every night to do it!

  2. No ideas, sorry! Has he read The Mysterious Benedict Society (there are 2 in the series). I don't know the reading level but I read the first one and loved. I'm trying to think what I read at that age...all I can think of are school books for younger kids. (Sign of the Beaver, Indian in the Cupboard, all too young for him) Try your library. They should be able to give you a reading level and a list of books. I'll think too though!

    I loved SWT!! And Babysitters Club.

    What are you reading now? I'm searching for a good vacation book for next week. War and Peace seems a little like heavy reading ;) (though I do plan to read it...some year!)

  3. i love to read...
    what is he into? give me an idea and i will shoot you some suggestions..

  4. Getting my son to read is pulling teeth. Of course, he'll surprise me as an adult by displaying some genius talent I would have never guessed he'd have. Go figure.

  5. I really hope Sprite will be into reading like I am. It would save me so much hassle in other areas!
    As for ideas, my nephew is 10 and he likes those Percy Jackson books. I think he's finally starting the Harry Potter series now as well.


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