Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random Up!

Its Tuesday again!  Well actually its Monday and I'm just a bit early.  Keeley over at the Un Mom hosts this thing where we spew our random thoughts and link up with her.  Its great fun!  And mind clearing.

Can Wine go bad in the wine fridge?   Lately it seems that every bottle that I open tastes.....  well, weird.  Maybe its me......  I have to wonder if maybe because my wine fridge doesn't maintain a set temperature when the power goes out. Ok, let me babble explain.  If the power goes out, my wine fridge resets itself to a balmy 56 degrees and I like to keep it on 46.  I have whites in there after all!  So if I don't realize it, the wine gets warm.  Then I turn the temp down and it gets cold again.  Can that make my wine go bad?  OH I HOPE NOT!  If so, then the wine fridge is USELESS!  Maybe I just need to drink more.  As long as my job doesn't find out!  YIKES!

I put up 2, yes count them 2 ceiling fans this weekend!  Thanks Daddy!  you're the best!

I was supposed to get educated on Understanding ADHD but the presenter got lost.  Of course when you consider the county where I live (Little Bit of Country) and the fact that they were coming from North Jersey its not surprising.  The surprise is that they called me 10 minutes after I left to say they were there. Great.  I was almost home by then.  (on country roads you can haul ass!)  I didn't turn back.  I went to Son's schools open house.

Which is another mini rant.  To me the definition of Open House is that you come in during a set time, wander around, talk to who ever you want and leave when you want.  Not at Son's school.  If you want to meet a teacher, you have to be there at a set time, when the teacher is lecturing about that particular class.  I missed hearing from all the teachers.  Oh well.   I have been emailing with 2 out of the 3 of them already.  Shoot 2 of them taught ME!

I might have upset the teacher.  He has been addressing me as Mrs.  Ok, DUDE, just cause I have a kid doesn't make me a Mrs.  If you call me Mrs, I look for my ex mother in law!  I tried to correct him gently in my emails back to him, signing them Ms.  But he just didn't get the hint.  Today, I asked him to address me by my first name or Ms.  Thank You Very Much.

A friend of my ex sent me some pictures of YEARS ago.  OMG!  I was skinny and blonde!  And that was the day we set the neighboring junk yard on fire!  Too funny now!  SCARY that day!  But that's for another post.  With the pictures.  See me on Friday......

Jaxon is bent on destroying all his soft toys.  Any stuffed animal (including Jakes stuffed animals) that come into the house, he thinks is his to destroy.  I have picked up SO much stuffing and little plastic eyes.  I should be grateful he's just pulling them apart and not eating them.  And happy that my Evil Step Mom (her nickname, not mine!) gets then cheap at yard sales!  Thanks ESM!

Halloween is coming.  Son wants to be a Whoopy Cushion.  Really?  Are you kidding me?  GROSS.  But since he is scheduled to be with his Dad that weekend, Have a blast!  not my year to wander the neighborhood with him.  I will be at an adult party!  Wooho!  As long as I finish my costume!  Got to get sewing!

I am a certified election worker for the State of New Jersey and we are having an election on 11-2-10.  I have been offered a chance to work the election but its a TUESDAY when I have choir practice.  Which is something I am LOVING being a part of.  But working the election is $200!  And easy boring $200 the month before Christmas.  Oh the Dilema!!!  I need to decide quickly so if I say no, they can get someone else with a little notice.

Oh.  My pictures don't really have anything to do with my post, I just wanted to add to my randomness! 

Speaking of my job.  Yes, I know we weren't really but follow me here.  Its coming into my busy time of year.  All the counties that we get money from are offering up new contracts that I have to write applications for.  That's SEVEN counties and they usually need one application for each service.  So if we are servicing adults AND adolescents, there is two applications for one county.  Then if the county is offering prevention monies, I have to write for that as well.  For ONE of the counties, I have to write 4 separate applications.  For the most part, its just copying and pasting from last years but I do have to update the stats (boring!) and the staffing. 

Ok.  Go see Keeley for more randomness if you are feeling brave!


  1. Sorry, don't know much about wine, so I can't help out there. That does sound like a weird set up for an open house, but then each school does it differently. I love the picture of the boy in the box of packing peanuts - very cute! Happy Random Tuesday!

  2. Wine will degrade and/or turn bad if the temperature fluctuates more than 5-degrees once a year...so you might be better off just keeping your wine fridge set at 56, then chilling individual bottles when you're ready to drink them. At least then your wine won't go bad, even if it's not as 'cold' as you prefer to drink it! :)

    I'm giggling at your pictures randomly posted...hysterical!

    I'd opt for the easy $200 since you'd only miss choir one night. ;)

    RTT: Corn Festival & Princess Zelda

  3. I'm thinking it might be necessary to invest in a back up generator for the wine fridge. Wasted alcohol is a form of alcohol abuse as well. ;)

    Does the Whoopie Cushion costume come with sound effects as well?

  4. This is gonna sound crazy weird, but my 8 year old daughter asked to be a whoopie cushion this year!! is that like a popular selection this year?? I don't get it!

    Great random post!!

  5. I'm not usually a cat person but cats in boxes? Now that's funny...

  6. your cat wants to be a toy..? great tease on that pic too...i would not have turned around either...if they dont leave early enough to get lost too bad...

  7. A whoopy cushion for Halloween is a GREAT idea for a boy!! Pull my finger!! Haha

  8. A whoopie cushion, that's awesome! What costume are you making for yourself? I don't sew, meaning I have to fork over a handful of cash for some fugly, itchy polyester thing if I want to participate.

  9. Love random Tuesday!

    Hmmmmm, a whoopie cushion for Halloween? I'd kinda like to see that!

  10. Just drink the wine faster and it won't have time to go bad! lol

    I hate those old pictures of myself where I look good! haha

  11. i was a "card" once for halloween (like, from a deck of cards)...tried to jump over a bush and forgot that my legs wouldn't split that far.

    AND it was snowing.

  12. Love that you added random pictures (I'm all about other people's pictures).
    And if you really are able to make your son into a whoopi cushion for Halloween, you'll need to share how you managed to pull it off!


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