Monday, September 27, 2010

Dad Update

Its been a while since I posted about my Dad's illness and how he is doing.  So, here you are!

Dad is doing well.  He has some energy but seems to be adjusting to taking it easier, especially in the heat.  The Dr is ok with how things are going and how he is feeling.  They are still adjusting some of his meds but I don't completely understand what's happening with them.  Dad does and that's all that matters.  Its something about optimizing the fish oil with another of his meds.  what ever!  Just do what he says daddy!

Thursday is Dad's birthday and the Dr wanted to give him a present so they are doing another echocardiogram to see how things are inside there.  This should show if his heart muscle is improving or not.

I will post another update on Thursday when we get the results!

For my Family and Friends who read my blog but are not on my Dad Update Email list, send me a message to add you.  I send out an email to his sisters and some others usually the same day he has his appointments but I don't regularly update my blog with his information.


  1. happy birthday to him and i hope that the icing on that cake is great news...glad he is doing better..

  2. Best of luck re: Thursday's report. Fingers crossed for your dad, you and your family.


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