Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today I will take it easy.............

After my recent rant, today I will take it easy on myself. A while ago, I received that advice in my email “Thoughts for Today” and have been pushing it aside. I did print it out at the time and this piece of paper keeps coming back to my attention.  Its time to listen to what the universe is throwing into my face.

So, here goes:

Today, I will take it easy.

I will accept that I’ve made mistakes in the past. I will also accept that I did the best I could.

Maybe I wish I had made different decisions or handled things differently. But wishes don’t change the past. I can only begin making changes today. I will accept myself, knowing that I did my best. I did what I thought I had to do.

I am and have always been worthy of being loved the way I want to be loved.

This is sitting on my clipboard on my desk and is taped to my fridge. This is going to be my new affirmation.


  1. you are take it easy today...

  2. ABSOLUTELY worthy...reminders are necessary but you do not need to EARN need to simply accept it! Easier said than DONE my friend!

  3. I like that. I may print it out myself.

  4. Yes, we do need to take it easier on ourselves! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Love it! It is important to take it easy on ourselves. Acceptance is the key, I think!
    Thanks for this great post, Amy!

    B xx

  6. We are human beings and we all make mistakes. And I totally agree with you on..being loved the way you want.
    You're absolutely worthy. But you already know it! :)

    B xx


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