Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Decision Has Been Made and I am Heartbroken!

I had to make a tough decision today.  No, No, No!  Not THAT decision!  I am avoiding THAT decision.

Every year a group of friends and I get together for the first weekend in December to go to Ocean City, Maryland.  We spend the weekend without kids, significant others and responsibilities.  I have been doing this for 18 years and some of the others for longer.

This year we started the planning late, usually we have our rooms booked by April.  A couple of weeks ago, we started rounding everyone up to make sure we are still on.  We did end up changing weekends, we were going to go the second weekend in December. 

Last weekend I spent time researching hotels because where we usually stay was booked.  Something to be said for booking earlier and for your regular weekend!  We finally got booked at another hotel and were excited to get there. 

Today, I had a Light Bulb Moment.  You know, those moments when you realize something SO obvious that you feel stupid for not realizing it before now.   Lots of 4 letter words, mental kicking in the pants later, and I called Judy to let her know that my Christmas Concerts for the choir I joined are being held the same weekend she just booked us for.  CRAP.

There are 3 ladies who live in Maryland, then Renie, Kathy and I head down from here.  So Judy called her ladies and I touched base with Renie and Kathy.  Judy's friends didn't want to change the date and Renie and Kathy are not going if I don't go.

I had a brief moment where I considered canceling on the choir but I am LOVING every moment I am there and wish I could get more time with them.  This is something I am doing for myself.  Something different from my normal routine.  Something I love to do.  I love all the women I go there with and I only get to see Bonnie and Sherry once a year but I WANT to be in the concert.

So my decision is made.  I am going to sing.  And miss my friends while I am doing it.    Waaaaaaah!


  1. are going to get someone to vid the concert right? right?

  2. So sorry you can't do both. You have to make the choice that is right for you and your friends should understand.

  3. But when you are singing, you will find that you are not as heartbroken as you thought you would be. :)

  4. I would say it would be better to make the choice that is right for you.
    Big hugs!

    Happy Sunday!

    B xx


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