Monday, October 4, 2010

The One Where I Post Early

Let's talk randomness.  Keely over at the Un Mom hosts Random Thought Tuesday.  Each one is more random than the one before it!

I'm posting early cause I will be on the road on Tuesday.  ugh.  Work has a project that requires me to visit each of the seven sites that we have.  I should only be at each site for an hour TOPS.  But the sites are spread from Atlantic City all the way up to Mt. Holly and then back down along the Delaware River again.  I am planning to do this over 2 days, going north first, then I will head East on Thursday.  I hope the weather is good then so I can have my lunch on the board walk!

The YMCA here is offering doggie school!  That's been one of the things the therapist suggested I do to help Jakes get along with Jaxon.  Tonight's class was without the doggie.  Real school starts next week.  Homework included!

Son and I have been struggling again/still.  As soon as school got back in, we started butting heads more.  Two therapy sessions in a row, I went in stating I can't do this anymore.    This last time when I said that Vickie agreed that it might be time to switch custody.  I want to cry just typing this.  I need to get my thoughts organized before I go see my own therapist next week.  I tracked down Kate who I saw before/during and after my divorce.  I loved her!

So, since I need to figure out some options, I asked Son's father if he would consider taking him full time.  He shocked me by agreeing  AND not asking a lot of questions or trying to blame me for things.  At least not yet.

I have NOT made a decision.  Well, maybe I have.  I don't think Son should be allowed to misbehave an basically get a reward for that behavior.  But I am at a loss as to how to make things work.  For now, things are status quo.  And not fun in my house!

I think I am getting a cold.  I can't decide if its a cold or allergies.  But since my eyes are not itching and my lips are chapped, I am going with a cold.  Just in time for me to visit all the staff members and share my germs!  lol

Dad's Birthday Party was a success!  We had a great dinner of pizza and great company.  My Brother and Step sister both had to work overtime so it was just us.  Perfect!  All of us got together to rent a helicopter for Dad.  He LOVED it!  Now he just has to find the time to use it!  I will post pictures when we get them!

I need to add water to the fish tank!  I am sitting beside it and its tinkling water is having a detrimental affect on my bladder!  Gotta run!  YOU: run over and see Keely and the Randomness over there!


  1. see you are screwing up my whole blogging mojo by posting early...i dont know what time it is...gonna throw my whoile night

    have fun traveling around tomorrow...

    sorry about son...tough call you got to make...

  2. i hope you get to lunch on the boardwalk, too -- you need it with all of your hustling with work! i'm sorry things are not improving at home with your son. i know Sept/Oct can offer shaky ground with going back to school (what i see a lot in my therapy office). i trust you will do what is in you and your son's best interest. you can only do and take so much, and there is a reason you are looking at this as a decision for your family. sending care xoxo

  3. Doggie school - I think my doggies need that, maybe then they wouldn't let me step on their feet so often.

  4. I hope that you make the right decision about your son and the custody. I know it's not easy to deal with it all.


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