Monday, October 4, 2010

My Momma Taught Me

I written stuff about my Mom on here and my other blog before. This one will be about how I can still make my Mom proud!  Feel free to follow the link but its a long, sad post!

My Mom was a stay at home mom and did EVERYTHING.  We had homemade family dinners every night, she kept the house, sat on us kids for our homework, chores and kept us in line.  My Mom loved to keep busy.  I don't remember her sitting around just watching TV, she would be doing something.  She cross-stitched while watching TV, she had a whole room dedicated to a sewing room, she gardened and she kept the pool when it was in season.

Here's Mom.  Gorgeous, isn't she?
I'm told I look like her!  YAY!

Out of all the things she did, sewing was her passion.  She would spend hours in the sewing room, with sewing buddies and checking out the latest sewing machines.  Every couple of years, she would upgrade to a new one with more features.

Mom was an excellent sewer and tried to interest me in it as well.  I learned the basics from her but I was too interested in hanging out with my friends and all that teenage stuff.  Recently, I was looking through old pictures and I couldn't find a single one where I was wearing something BOUGHT.  Everything was lovingly made by my mom.  Here are some examples of her handiwork:

This is the family.  We are ALL wearing stuff that she made.  She didn't make my brothers sweater but everything else you see was made by her.  My Dad LOVED the way she made his suits.

She made the drapes and then the lamp to match.  And the clock off to the left was cross stitched by her and hangs in my kitchen today!

This is Mom under her Prize Winning Quilt.  She and I would spend evenings under the quilt tying each and every corner.  I still have this quilt stashed away.  I had been using it but it started showing wear and tear so I am saving it.

This is a blouse she made for me and I love it.  I wish I still ft into it. Someday!

Then to keep up with the Cabbage Patch Fad, she started making Patch Babies.  We had lots of Patch Family members hanging around the house.  Mom would make themed clothes for them and give them to people.

I still have Lauren and Joey (the 2 in front). The one in the middle of the back row is a premie.

When she knew she was dying and that I was pregnant, she started on baby clothes, baby quilts and a christening dress.  This is Jakes baby quilt.  I wrapped him up in it in the hospital.  Each square is a machined stitched character.  On the bottom corner is a butterfly, which represents Mom.

Ok.  Enough about Mom's projects.  I paid enough attention to Mom's sewing lessons that I have a working knowledge of the craft.  I inherited her sewing machine when she passed.  Recently, I took it to be cleaned and tuned up.  The guy at the sewing store remembered the machine and Mom.  I was amazed!  Its been 11 years since Mom passed and she had the machine for almost 2 years before that.  Mom must have made an impression on him!

I had no clue what my first project was going to be. I would LOVE to make a quilt to replace the ones that are getting worn out.  Mom's quilts were always SO warm.  I was surfing the web looking for instructions for my quilt.  I stumbled upon an organization called "Quilts for Kids".  They make and donate quilts for kids in hospitals.  You can make your own quilt with your own supplies or you can order one from them to sew together.  That's what I did!  Here is my quilt:

I am very happy with it!  My Mom would be proud!

Now, What's my next project?


  1. Wow! Great job! I want to make a quilt sometime. I bought a book to teach me how to do it, put it beside my sewing machine and ... well, that's as far as I got! ha ha! Your mum left behind some great projects, what a lovely way to remember her.

  2. that did turn out all the bright colors in it and they play well with this time of year...i imagine she would be proud...

  3. Oh how I wish I could make quilts!

  4. I once started a quilt, but never finished it. Maybe I'll try again one day. Yours looks great.

  5. It is so wonderful that you're carrying on her tradition. Beautiful projects!

  6. Wow your mom could really sew!! I love the dolls.........I thought they were the real thing!!

    Great job on your quilt!!

  7. Wow, great job!
    I wish I could make a quilt like this.

    B xx


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