Tuesday, October 12, 2010

trying to get my thoughts in order. Oh WAIT! Its Tuesday so I don't have too!

I haven't been around here much lately.  Life has just slammed me and when I do have a few minutes, I just vegge. I  do miss you guys though.  I want to get back around to see what you've been up to.  There have been times when I tried to come and see you, I would even stop over and read your post but just couldn't think of anything nice and pithy to leave.

Today I have an appointment with my old therapist at her new facility.  I can't WAIT!  In a way I have missed my sessions with her but was also glad that I didn't need her.  I tracked her down through facebook.  Gotta love facebook!  :)

Jakes has been ok this weekend.  There were still arguments between us and times when he would question my authority.  I just walked away.  I don't have the energy to deal with him anymore.  But this is why I am going to MY therapist.

This past weekend we went to the local fair grounds to see the October Fetch.  Everything was centered around dogs and you could bring your dog.  I didn't cause I was afraid of Jaxon puking in the car and of his behavior with all the other dogs.  I just didn't want to deal with him.  It was a great day and once we were there, I regretted not bringing him.  There were so many things he could have done!  They had Dock Diving, racing, Frisbee catch and an obstacle course.  He would have ROCKED at the racing cause he is SO fast!  And I totally think he would have jumped off the dock!  Next year, I am taking him! 

We could use some good thoughts and prayer sent out into the universe for my dad.  Yes, again.  That man loves good thoughts!  I told him he doesn't have to do anything to get them, just ask.   But he insists on needing them.  :)  Anyway, he has a lump in his boobie that the Dr thinks has been caused by one of the meds.  Fortunately, its a med that can be easily changed.  But the Dr is sending him to get his boobie smoooshed (HA!) to be sure that's what's happening.  I told him "October is boobie month, Daddy!"  He's liking my boobie sense of humor.  :)

Jaxon started Doggie School last night.  It was pretty good.  He listened very well and seemed to pick up what was put down.  Because of the rules, I am working with Jaxon in the class but Jakes is sitting there watching and learning.  When we get home, he will get to work with Jaxon and hopefully gain some respect for Jaxon.

Today is going to be a CRAZY one for me.  I have to go to my office to finish writing a grant that is due TODAY in Trenton.  I also have to stop at Headquarters for a signature before I head up the road to Trenton.  From Trenton, I am stopping at my therapists office.  Then I get to come home, grab Jakes and head to his therapists office.  Sounds like fun, huh?  Anyone wanna keep me company?

EWE!   Saylors just puked and Jaxon cleaned it up for me.  Grosss!

Ok.  That's enough randomness from me and I have a carpet to clean up!  If you want more, head over to Keely's and check it out over there!


  1. great you leave us with an incredible image...the actvitiy out at the park sounds fun...hope the day is not too busy for you...

  2. I hope your day turned out better than expected and I'm sending out good thoughts for your Dad and you.

  3. I'll pray for your dad, both for the lump and for the painful smashing he's going to go through!

    My daughter does some grant writing too. She likes it!

  4. Thinking of you and your dad!! Keep us posted!!


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