Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I got off work early today, grabbed the camera and went for a walk.  Just me and my shadow.  And Mother Nature.  Here is what I saw.

This is the local power plant.  I was amazed of how high the plume went without being dispersed by wind.  On Friday, this plume will be gone as the plant will be shut down for maintenance.

Cat-Tails in bloom

Deer coming out for Dinner.

Tracks in the Marsh

Branch holding trees.  I think they're in love.....

My perch.

I am home now.  Going to curl up on the couch with Jaxon and check out what you've been up to this week!  See ya' soon!


  1. nice. looks like you had a great tails are so cool...did you pop one?

  2. Went hiking with the Grandkids this Saturday in Big Hills Provincial Park, Alberta. Waterfalls, hills, caves, streams, rose hips, water bottles and raisin boxes. We had a wonderful time outdoors in the sunshine, just like you. We saw a hawk and thankfully no other wild life (aka: bears, cougars). A lovely post. Thanks for sharing your view of Mother Nature.

  3. A walk like that sounds just about perfect!

  4. Wow you get to see some great things on your walk!!

  5. Love these cat tails. Looks like had a great time.
    Great pictures, too!

    B xx


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