Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Fragments

Just another quick check in!  Yesterday I spent some time with the new/old therapist Valerie.  She wanted to do an intake and get caught up on what was going on with Jakes and I.  I took a recent picture of him with me and she couldn't get over how much he has grown up.  Its been a coupla years since we have been to see her.  So I brought her up to speed on some of the stuff that has driven us to therapy and everything.  She gave me a technique to try with him.  I did try it this morning.  I only yelled once.  And when I caught myself yelling, I stepped away for a break.  And reminded myself of what I am supposed to be trying.  And I tried it again.  It worked.  I should get a gold star, right? 

Not only does he get positive reinforcement for his better behaviors, I should as well.  And I will reward myself.  I have to take care of me too.

I sent more information to Jakes father about the ADHD diagnosis this morning.  I also asked him for a compromise on using the meds.  I asked him to allow a trial of a month on the meds to see if there is any improvement.  If he agrees, I can start the meds quickly.  If he doesn't agree, I will have to file with the courts and I don't really want to do it that way.

Neicy and I went shopping yesterday.  GAP was having a 30% off sale.  I got 2 new tops and I love them!  They make me feel pretty!

TD Bank sucks.  They are charging for coin counting if you don't have an account with them.  This just started 11-1.  Cheapskates!  Now I have to figure out where I can get my coins counted, for FREE.

Kimber has finally decided on her Bridesmaids dresses.  They are beautiful and will look good on everyone.  Not me.  I have told her that I don't want to be in her wedding.  I am going to be her honorary matron of honor.  I'm there for her.  And she knows it.  So, I am going to Kimber's again this weekend.  She is having a party for her wedding party to meet each other.  Its going to be fun!  And Jaxon will get to play with her dogs again.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. it absolutely frosts my behind that any bank can charge you anything for anything. IT IS OUR MONEY, HONEY!

    I noticed that the coinstar machines now will give you loaded gift card for grocery stores and what not for free. this might be an alternative.

  2. nice. little therapy...little retail therapy...smiles. and our bank did the

  3. Yeah, Check out Coinstar. You can get your coins counted for free if you put the money on an Amazon card. That's pretty close!

  4. Great idea about a month's trial on the meds. Hopefully they will work!

  5. The Gap had a 30% off sale?...good deals!
    And yes, TD Bank does suck! Hear hear!

  6. Yes, we had to do a trial on Tommy's meds too. Now we've found the right dosage and kind of med.


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