Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Input, Need Input

I am so frustrated with everything at the moment.  We had our first session with the new/old therapist Val and Jakes was bouncing all over the place.  When he stepped out for a bathroom break, she asked me if this was normal or if he was showing off.  I would like to think some was showing off but this behavior is becoming regular.  I am so frustrated with his behavior at home, I am still trying to use the technique Val told me about, but I need to practice.  I am still yelling more than I want to.  I need time.  I need to stop being so hard on myself.  I need a vacation.

Son's father is frustrating me as well. I have sent him everything I have on Jakes, all the reports, my stories about his behaviors, any reports from school that I have.  EVERYTHING.  And its still not enough for his father.  He insists I have a better report than what I have sent him.  He says he doesn't have enough information to make a decision.  He says I didn't give him a report from the old therapist.  I offered to get it for him but he never responded that he wanted it.  So I called the agency to see how I can get it.  They want $15 for it.  I am not paying it.  If he wants the report, he can pay it and make arrangements to get the report.  I have signed authorizations for him to be allowed to contact the therapists and Doctors but he never does.  I done spoon feeding him information.  If he wants it, he can get it himself.  Grow up and be a responsible parent.  Of course, this will end up with us in court and will delay any improvement Jakes could make on the medication.  But I am done holding his hand and guiding him through stuff.  I am not his wife (thank you!) or his mother.  Handle it yourself.

On a good note, Jakes pediatrician said that if I can get him the psychiatrists evaluation, he would monitor Jakes medicine for us and we can see whatever therapist we want.  Woo ho!  That was easy!

I did something stupid.  Well, it didn't seem stupid at the time but......  I have always wanted to review grants.  I write them but I want to see how the end process works.  So when an opportunity for reviewing grants came up, I signed up and went through the training.  I now have 16 grants to review by Friday.  ugh.

Since I have so much to do, 14 grants to write by 12/2, I better sign off and get typing!


  1. have your work cut out for you on those that dad is being such a pain on the reports...

  2. i want to come and kick the dads arse for you ...

    We will be seeing you on 12/3 then? That is alot of work!

  3. Holy Frustration Batman!

    What a battle you are in. You should be so proud of how well you ARE doing.

    Have you ever heard of square breathing? Inhale for 4 seconds, hold 4, exhale 4, hold 4. Repeat several times until you feel yourself "reset."
    I've been having anger/frustration at kids issues lately and this technique has helped.

  4. Sorry about your lazy husband. If he received those reports he would feel a sense of responsibility. Something he does not want to do...
    Good luck with the Grants!

  5. Yes, stop being so hard on yourself and start being harder on son's dad!

    good luck on the grants!


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